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Dietrich Oct-22-2018

No IS or AF is what makes this not a 5 star lens.

JL Aug-23-2018

Lens is great but my lens cap was defective and wouldn't stay on. I asked Laowa if I could have another one and they wanted me to pay 20$ for it. I really don't think that after spending almost 1K on this lens I should have to pay for a defective front cap! Awful customer serivce

Yass Jun-13-2018

I bought this lens because I've seen quite a few reviews on YouTube and I was amazed with how little to none distortion they cause. After receiving it and testing it, I must say I'm far from being disappointed. This lens is amazing. It is very solid, and feels great to use.As any wide lens, the side edges tend to stretch and but anything withing the picture, all verticals are perfect.I've used this lens for real estate photography, but I'm hoping to test it with landscape and milky way photography. As soon as I get any results, I'll update this review.

photobrat86 May-16-2018

This is a really impressive lens for real estate and astro-landscape photography. The build quality is very nice and the metal construction makes it feel expensive, sturdy and substantial. The only drawback is that it is a dumb lens so you have to focus and change the aperture manually.

Ryan Chernochan May-07-2018

it’s a great lens if you need very wide angle, no distortion and decent low light capability. The lens has no autofocus which I wish it did, and the sharpness is adequate but perhaps not the sharpest lens ever. This lens is very good at very specific things and in no way would be “an every day lens”. There are very few 12MM or less options out there (non fish eye) and so for that fact alone this lens is fairly unique. Add in the benefit of zero distortion and 2.8 aperture and I can see why Venus optics has priced the lens as it is. The zero distortion almost elimantes barrel distortion, or a “bowing” of the image. Keep in mind that “perspective” distortion (taking photos of an object looking upward or downwards and the object therefore looks larger or smaller is not corrected, perspective correction needs to be done with a tilt shift lens or in photoshop). As a Realtor that takes interior photographs I’ve had huge barrel distortion in my old micro four thirds lens and I can say that even if you’re great at photoshop, it’s very difficult, time consuming and in some cases I’d suggest impossible to totally correct. So it depends how important that is to you, for me since it’s part of my job i could justify the cost. While I haven’t used it for astrophotgraphy I would imagine this lens would also be great. I’m all about value, so this lens is probably not great “value” since it’s so limiting in some aspects (no stabilization, no auto focus) But if you need 12MM and take photos for architecture (like me) then this is it. this lens also has a terrible lens cap. That doesn’t sound like a big deal but the cap is poorly designed and sits within milimeters from the bulbous lens itself and so if you put the cap on hastily or without extreme care you could very easily scratch the lens. The cap also falls off very easily and if you put the lens into your bag there’s a good chance the cap comes off and the lens is exposed while you’re in transit. I had to buy a third party lens cap from KUVRD and that solved the issue. It’s. 4/5 because it does what it’s supposed to do very well. But at it’s price point it’s still probably overpriced. Buy it in the US as it’s half the price, rather than Canada. Even with the exchange and import duties you’ll save a ton.

Bern Mar-17-2018

Not sharp when focused beyond 10 meters. OK for closer than that, but not great. I tried two copies, both were soft in the center on distant objects, making this a poor choice for scenic panoramas. And the edges were not good. Build quality is fine, but that does not apply to the optical quality. Canon glass puts this to shame.

Justin J Feb-26-2018

This lense is absolutely great for architecture and real estate. I shoot video on my Canon 1DX Mark ii and am super happy with the quality. Straight lines and WIDE! Very well built.

Steve Feb-20-2018

Just a super wide lens, I didn't like the lack of auto focus since it's fully manual prime lens (no image stabilization as well, plus it's not that sharp as the Canon lenses I have, so I decided to return, the only good side I liked is the super wideness of it :) With all do respect to youtube marketers out there, I've found that it came lower than I expected from reviews when it comes to video sharpness and colors .