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BestSelf Co Coupons
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Prime Week: 30% OFF SELF Journals & WordSmith Deck

But hurry, this offer is only available Monday 15th thru Sunday 21st July.

BestSelf Co Coupons
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[Mother’s Day] FREE Project Action Pad!!!

Anyone who picks up a SELF Journal 4 Pack before Mother’s Day can add a FREE Project Action Pad to their cart.

BestSelf Co Coupons
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MOTHER’S DAY: SELF Journal 4 Pack + Free Project Action Planner

Originally $147.98 combined value, get both now for $99.99. Add the 4-Pack SELF Journal to cart. Add the Project Action Pad to cart. Click “checkout”and use code

BestSelf Co Coupons
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Take 15% Off The 2019 Wall Calendar Today

Use the code to get 15% off your 2019 Wall Calendar today. Offer expires January 31st at 11:59PM

BestSelf Co Coupons
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15% Off Purchases BestSelf Co

BestSelf Co Coupons
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15% Of Your Purchase

BestSelf Co Coupons
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*NEW* 15% Off Any Order

BestSelf Co Coupons
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Save 10% With Code.

BestSelf Co Coupons
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Save 15% On Your Order

BestSelf Co Coupons
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Back To School - FREE Set Of 3 SmartMarks And FREE Shipping When You Spend $50 Or More.

Free SmartMarks with purchase just in time for back to school

BestSelf Co Coupons
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10% OFF Weekly Action Plan System

Use code at checkout to save yourself 10%

BestSelf Co Coupons
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Big Easter Blowout Sale: 30% OFF At Bestself

SAVE up to 30% on the entire store, and even get Free shipping on orders above $60. Limited time offer Ends April 22nd at 11:59PM

BestSelf Co Coupons
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{Special} Last Chance For 40% Savings

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BestSelf Co Coupons
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$10 Off Best Self Co

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About BestSelf Co

BestSelf Co journals

BestSelf Co is a quite well known store offering portable journals/planners. The founders of BestSelf Co, Cathryn and Allen, came up with the idea of founding it when they had to experience hard-working hours on their various projects. Day by day, they work with the feeling of finishing a day and being unclear about their accomplishments and whether or not they were really moving the needle forward on anything. Because of realizing that even though they work busily but not productive, they created BSC and the Self Journal to create everyday tools for people to lead a life they can be proud of.

Presently, with the convenient and unique features, BestSelf Co’s products are the first choice of customers for notebook. BestSelf Co always aims to the mission of connecting and inspiring humanity to think bigger and achieve more, while enjoying today, therefore, besides helping people stay on track and work in the most productive way or used as a supporting tool in working, BestSelf Co is chosen by the convenience it brings. All products of BestSelf Co are portable and so easy for you to take with anywhere.

Moreover, with the goal of supporting customer in the way as optimal as possible, BestSelf Co also offers customers journal pdf. This partly helps them save money and time thanks to downloading to their device.

For all above, you may naturally want to know that specifically, what products BestSelf Co are selling. Below will be products you will see on as well as all relevant information you need to know about BestSelf Co.

BestSelf Co Top Products

Journals and Planners: SELF Journal, 4-Pack SELF Journals, Sidekick, SELF Scholar, SmartMarks, Win the Day Pen, Scribe, SELF Journal Shield, Sidekick Shield, SELF Journal Stylus Pen, SELF Shield Vegan Edition

BestSelf Co Self Journal

Self-Discovery Decks: WordSmith Deck, Icebreaker Deck, Edison Deck, Decision Deck, Courage Over Comfort Deck, Intimacy Deck

BestSelf Co WordSmith Deck

Action Pads: Weekly Action Pad, Wall RoadMap, Project Action Pad, Habit Roadmap, SmartMarks

BestSelf Co Weekly Action Pad

Calendars and Posters: Wall RoadMap, Habit Roadmap, Letterpress Manifesto, 2019 Dry-Erase Wall Calendar, Anyplace - Weekly Edition

Courses and Challenges: Productivity Principles 101, Courage Over Comfort Momentum Challenge, Intimacy Momentum Challenge  

The following video may help us understand more about benefits of journaling with BestSelf Co self journals

Where BestSelf Co is available

BestSelf Co UK

BestSelf Co New York (US)

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BestSelf Co Reviews

Brady Valashinas

Love These Products
“I love these journals! They help me stay on track and work towards my most productive self.”

About 4-Pack SELF Journals

Asha Knight

It got deep!
"These cards are a great tool that challenges your current thought process and reasoning behind comfort. It takes courage to be uncomfortable. BestSelf nailed it with how to grow through uncomfortable experiences! Absolutely love this and plan on using it for team building activities with the a girls basketball team, and at community-led meetings!"

About Courage Over Comfort Deck

Nicole Andujar

I love this set! Journaling has begun again in my life!
"I recently purchased the wordsmith deck because I wanted to get started journaling again and this has been a wonderful way to think about so many things that don't usually come up in normal conversations with my self. I love that it gets you thinking about early memories and early relationships. It's such an eye opening way to express things that may have had a huge impact in your life. Definitely such a great purchase!"

About WordSmith Deck


Great Product
"Works great for getting my HUGH to-do list down to a very manageable weekly task list that helps me focus on getting things done in a timely fashion. As with all their products I like the quality."

About Weekly Action Pad

Joanne Vacek

Fun way to spark a discussion
"Discuss the topics on 2 cards while we walk for an hour. Nice way to get to know someone."

About Edison Deck

Elizabeth W.

This is perfect for a grad student!
"I used the Best Self journal this summer and loved it but was interested in the scholar for when the fall semester starts. I'm a grad student and always struggle with finding the right planner. I struggle with ADHD which makes school all the more challenging. The project planning pages are AMAZING and help me structure my project and all of the details that go into it well. The weekly pages are pretty similar to the best self but without the long term goal check in. The daily pages are one daily page instead of two so I feel a little less pressure. There are also little boxes for the day's meal planning and that is a huge plus! I'm really excited for this journal and the semester too!"

About SELF Scholar Claudia Wiseman

Claudia Wiseman

My own bestie
"Been wanting to journal and put thoughts on paper then move them into action. These cards and the wall calendar to motivate me."

About 2019 Dry-Erase Wall Calendar

Jonathan Arnold

A Must have
"Every conversation starts with a question, whether it's at home, school, work or on a social setting. I've learned more about my co workers, parents, and teenage daughter as a direct result of the icebreaker deck. Well done!"

About Icebreaker Deck


Perfect tool for keeping first things first
"The Anyplace - Weekly Edition allows me to see a week at a glance and know that the things that really matter are in front of me. It really helps me discern the signal from the noice of a busy office and life. This is another world-class product from a world-class company."

About Anyplace - Weekly Edition

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Dawn App

BestSelf Co Dawn

The personal smart assistant from best self

With a unique algorithm that automatically learns your preferences, Dawn was designed to prioritize your to-do list and create a daily “smart” calendar.

Without thinking, you’ll know what you need to do, where you need to be and you’ll maximize your time to get the most out of your day.

+The Morning Brief

With just a few inputs from you, Dawn will create an entire morning brief so you can see your day at a glance. Wake up with a personalized list of your tasks, events, and appointments. Your morning brief is prepared the night before and presented to you when you wake up.

+The Daily Recap

Dawn's personalized Daily Recap feature will show you statistics and data on what you got completed, what was missed or outstanding, and just how productive you were. Sleep easier knowing what got done, what’s outstanding, and what’s coming tomorrow.

More than a calendar, Dawn is the smart planner that keeps you from getting stuck and builds your schedule based on your preferences

+Peace Of Mind For The Creature Of Habit

Built right into the Dawn app specifically for tasks that repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in your calendar, DAWN will seamlessly manage your repeating tasks for you and integrate them into your GCal or Outlook Calendar.

+Work-Life Bliss With The Real-Time Tagging

Need a set reminder for tasks like laundry, workouts, and personal time? Or maybe you just want to tag items in your calendar that you’d like to set up outside of your work hours? Now it’s not a problem to balance work and play with the tagging feature.

Dawn was made to work perfectly for you

Automatically generate personal reminders, organizes your schedule and auto-completes tasks.

It lets you customize it to fit all your needs and syncs with all your iCal and Gcal platforms.

Seamlessly craft your most productive day, by learning your habits, goals and daily timelines.

"Dawn was created with extreme attention to detail specifically for busy people tired of the overwhelm, frustration and confusion of mapping out their day.

Designed with input from busy entrepreneurs, overloaded students, talented tech professionals and UI/UX experts committed to created the best user experience possible."

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You should read

How to set career goals

Surveys show that around two-thirds of employees are unhappy with their jobs. The fact that most workers are not satisfied with their employment has raised the question about what is the right way to set career goals.

In fact, many people don’t know how to take charge of this process. On the one hand, people want to set ambitious career goals, while on the other hand, they know that they have limited experience and abilities. By setting the right goals, you could achieve much more than you expected. So how to set ambitious yet practical goals that you can achieve?

First, you need clarity. The more specific your goals are, the more likely you are to succeed. So you can start by imagining yourself in the future. What kind of person would you like to become? How successful of that version of yourself is? How would you look like in the next one, three and five years? When you clearly visualize your desired outcome, you begin to see the possibility of achieving it - and you can start taking steps to build your plan.

Second, the goals you set should challenge you in a positive way. When your goals seem far to achieve, you need to start to make them more realistic by acquiring more knowledge and gaining additional skills. For example, you can start to speak with people in similar jobs and realize that by taking additional courses to gain the knowledge and skills that you lack.

Third, you must be committed. If you have confidence in yourself, you stand a really high chance of succeeding. Just adopt the mindset that set you up for success, you will see yourself making progress and working towards your goals. You get commitment only when you are convinced that the goal is important to you and that it’s attainable.

Finally, create the right conditions for success. Successfully achieving your goal requires just two conditions: time and practice. In order not to quit on unrealistic goals, create medium-term objectives that you have enough time to complete, given your real-life commitments. Then practise! You don’t have to rush. Give yourself time to learn, experiment, and fail in a safe environment while keep moving your career plan forward. And that’s the mission of BestSelf Co to provide you with the best quality journals to facilitate your career.

Read more: Effective Techniques Of Time Management

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Showing 50 -100 of 90 reviews

anthony polidoro Feb-05-2018

Great product that, if followed, will help you develop a strong routine and create good accountability- Will purchase again!

Karen A. Alvarez Jan-28-2018

Good for teenagers.

Lance Green Jan-27-2018

This product has captured the themes of all that teach on success, achievement and productivity and put it into one, simple and easy to use tool. Setting goals, breaking it down to weekly and daily tasks, creating and tracking habits and using powerful AM and PM routines that include gratitude, brag zone and lessons learned. It has allowed me to to be intentional with my health, my work and my family, keeping me on track to achieve my purpose in life!

MikeL Jan-24-2018

Keeps me on task and focused with the daily accountability needed to reach my goals

Amazon Customer Jan-24-2018

I have loved this journal. I was really scared to write in it at first....i didnt want to mess love it! Great job. I love that it is versatile. I love that it helps me stay focused.

paula rozo Jan-19-2018

interesting way for acoplishing goals

Amazon Customer Jan-17-2018

Great product. The wife liked it so much I got her one too!

kate baskins Jan-09-2018

Love it!

Patti R. Jan-08-2018

I am just getting started with my 13 weeks but so far I like the way it is very thorough and yet adaptable to one's personal needs. It does take time to set up well but this is actually helpful in rethinking the way I plan my time.

Victoria Jan-08-2018

Great for goal setting! I love it

Amazon Customer Dec-14-2017

Simply the best planner .

Greg S. Soldano Dec-13-2017

All good-fast delivery!

L Dec-10-2017

Great journal!

Luvnshoes Dec-09-2017

I’ve tried for years to find a system that helps me get organized but works with the way I approach things in life. I think I finally found it. This journal has enough structure that I don’t get lost or overwhelmed but enough flexibility that I’m not working against myself. It’s 90 approach means I’m achieving smaller goals while working towards the BIG goal and that keeps the hope alive. It helps keep positive mindset at the forefront and uses other known concepts from behavioral and positive psychology to truly help you be your best self. Worth the price and effort

Courtney Cox Dec-08-2017


Dr Michael Tremba Dec-06-2017

I love this journal! Did my first one several months back, achieved a landmark goal, and came within a very short distance of achieving my 2nd goal as well. I think there's something about stating your goal out loud & formulating a plan to get there that just helps the events in your life line up in a way that gets you there far quicker.Just bought my 2nd planner, and have to say that it's completely worth the investment!As a word of advice if you get one, PLEASE read, reread, and effectively educate yourself on the exact steps they recommend prior to implementing this journal--I'd strongly advice against just writing things down with little thought. The planning step is CRUCIAL in creating effective outcomes.

David A Phillips Oct-29-2017

I've used several of the journals out there and this is by far the best.There are 3 main reasons why this one rocks and why I would recommend for any entrepreneur.1. Today2. Goals3. Personal Development & motivationToday, meaning it helps me tackle the things I need to do each day. Many of the other books focus just on goals and the 5 things you can do each day to make those goals happen. That's great and all, but what about that client project due today? What about all the other things that have to happen today. It's not real life. The Best Self journal does a great job of giving me the space to collect my thoughts, organize and attack each day.Goals - I set quarterly goals and there is ample area each day for me to see if I am winning or losing the battle :) I also really like the 13 week goals chart included with the journal. It helps me chart week by week on my way to my goal. I will say that as an entrepreneur, most of my goals end up being sales/profit related. So, I break my goal down into daily goals and give my self a plus or minus.Personal Development & motivation - I love having a quote each day as well as the gratefulness blanks for me to log what I am grateful for. I stopped using the book for a month as a test to see how I would do without it and one thing I really missed was the gratefulness portion of each day. I really think it allowed me to remember the good, small things like my family and my health and vast opportunities that I had each day.Seriously, if you're still reading this, just got buy this journal. The longer you wait, the longer until you see some results!!

Samantha Oct-24-2017

LOVE this planner!! Highly recommend it. My favorite part was the reminders for gratefulness in the morning and night.

Jim Yarrington Oct-21-2017

One of the Best Tools to use, to manage your goals, daily activities. It does matter who your coach may be, this is the absolute best accountability / self improvement planners one can purchase.Buy one and see what changes in your life!

Youri N Nelson Sep-17-2017

Great concept for a journal but what could have been a great product from an aesthetic standpoint, I would only rate as good. The darn bookmark string started fraying after a couple of weeks and I had to tie them off with a knot to avoid them getting obliterate...disappointing. The concept of the journal is good though, still working through it but so far so good.

Jenn Sep-08-2017

This journal is the best and has turned my life around in terms of setting and being able to attain goals. I don't know why they stopped selling on Amazon (especially Prime). I am getting my second journal from their official site, but really wish I could still just get it from Amazon. That's my only complaint is that I can't get it on here. No complaints about the journal though because it really is amazing!

Alexa A Aug-19-2017

Amazing way to get your life together

Jorge Lazaro Diaz Aug-14-2017

Made a big difference for me. It's enabled me to focus on the one most important thing daily and actually slow down. At the same time my productivity has gone up.

Rusty Aug-11-2017

Great, but the front weekly plan doesn't match with the daily plan. So out of pages on the front end but still going on the weekly plan. If you buy one you'll know what I mean

Allison Walker Aug-07-2017

This book has met my expectations. I've been wanting to get more into a morning routine and this book was a trial for me. I have a really organized mind so I love sitting down in the mornings and planning my day. It has helped me be more focused and productive and maintain progress on my goals, and I also really love having the week review. The bookmarks are already fraying though, which is one downside, and the pages seem a little like they might come out of the binding one day, but I'm hoping not. Overall, I love this product. I take it almost everywhere with me.

Kellen Lake Aug-06-2017

Love it! I could not be happier.

Amazon Customer Aug-05-2017

I'll keep my review brief - three words to be exact: simple, powerful, awesome.

jennifer washburn Aug-04-2017

Perfect journal to inspire your goals. High quality paper, and well thought out layout.0

Dikran Iskenderian Aug-03-2017

Quality material and book. Highly recommend this.

Miss Demeanor Aug-01-2017

I got this journal 1 month ago and already met several goals, including weight loss. I have a tremendous sense of accomplishment, as I'm treating this journal a bit differently than any other I've used before. There are stickers and colors and all kinds of goodies I'm putting into it and you know what they say - you get out what you put in. The slightly tan heavy pages make it fun to use markers - they don't bleed - and the faint grey dots make me want to make art of my life, which I do. It's the first journal I've used consistently for a month! You can start it on any day and just go. Highly recommend this if you've tried other journals and failed - it won't disappoint.

Amazon Customer Aug-01-2017

Very good

JFay Jul-31-2017

I recommend this to all our clients.

Johnny Aguilar Jul-21-2017

Love it..... Definitely has helped me slow down enough to consider things in my life and then sped up to actually achieve them.

Amazon Customer Jul-20-2017

A great buy with amazing insight.

Rebecca Jul-20-2017

I love this journal. It is helping me be more organized and conscious of my goals and taking steps to get there.

Rhett Dantzler Jul-19-2017

Very Happy with the product. Nice quality, good looking and very nicely laid out .

Mike Knorr Jul-19-2017

Life changing when you put in the work. Love the structure. It is a fantastic tool helping me live a full life.

connor capetillo Jul-18-2017

Very effective planner/journal. I love that dates aren't printed onto the calendar and individual pages. It has been very effective at helping me accomplish my daily tasks. I definitely get more done using this journal.

cjmunch613 Jul-18-2017

This is an extremely well thought out journal and tool; it encourages positive, focused, repeat behaviors to make progress on your goals. There are some changes I might make but overall, this is a really great item.

Amazon Customer Jul-17-2017

I am really exited to get to work on my journal. I am very intrigued by the 13 week break out and the prompts on your thoughts and plans.

Top Selling 11

BestSelf Co - BestSelf Co The SELF Journal

The BestSelf Co Self journal is divided in 3 distinct sections: The Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Each one is tailored to keep you focused and on track for achieving your goals.

Price: $31.99 $0